Small and Large Batch Custom Manufacturing 


ABS LABORATORIES understands the needs of small and large textile processors. In this competitive and fast moving world, even the smallest thing is considered a lot. For that purpose we are manufacturing 350+ Shades including all the dyes we manufacture and have them in ready stock for quick delivery.


The 350+ Shades are the most running shades in the industry and are the most widely used but, then every processor in his span has some special requirement of a particular Hue with a very specific darkness or brightness and with a perfect tone which is not the part of our Shade card. In that case ABS LABORATORIES can help the processor by manufacturing a very specific shade just for them. This is called as Custom manufacturing.


Custom manufacturing is done at no extra cost and the best part of it is that the requirement need not to be very high as other manufacturers.


The minimum order quantity for custom manufacturing is as low as 25 Kg and have no limits for quantity higher than that.




What is Custom Manufacturing?




Custom manufacturing is the manufacturing a very specific shade just for the customer incase he is not finding the shade in our Shade card.


What is the Minimum quantity for Custom Manfuacturing?


The minimum quantity for custom manufacturing is surprisingly as low as 25Kg, which no other manufacturer could even think of!

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