(PP) Potassium Permanganate Dischargeable Dyes 


ABS LABORATORIES in the year 2018 has come up with yet another innovative product especially for obtaining novel dischargeable effects on garments. Garment processors from decades wanted dyes which are easy to apply,and also easily dischargeable with the existing process of using PP (Potassium Permanganate).





1) Easy to apply just like Direct Dyes 


2) Easy to get full white discharge with PP (Potassium Permanganate) 


3) Acceptable fastness properties  


4) Light Fast variants available  






What is Custom Manufacturing?




Custom manufacturing is the manufacturing a very specific shade just for the customer incase he is not finding the shade in our Shade card.


What is the Minimum quantity for Custom Manfuacturing?


The minimum quantity for custom manufacturing is surprisingly as low as 25Kg, which no other manufacturer could even think of!

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