Reactive Dyes 


ABS LABORATORIES is involved in manfuacturing of Fibre Reactive Dyes. Our Colour bank consist of more than 50+ Shades in Fibre Reactive Dyes to cater the needs of Shirting and garmnet industry.


Fibre reactive dyes are of various types depending on the temperature of dyeing. Dyeing can be done from 300C range to 900C range, depending on the type of molecular structure.


Fibre reactive dyes give very fast dyeing and all its shade, have high brightness values after dyeing.


Inspite of our large number of Shades, we always have all the shades in ready stock to cater instant delivery to our valued customers in this competitive market conditions.


ABS LABORATORIES is also into low bulk (25Kg-50Kg) and high bulk cusotm manufacturing of dyes. If a customer has its own requirement of a particular shade, than it would be manufactured for them in the least possible time and at the most competitive price.


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What are Fibre Reactive Dyes?


Fibre reactive dyes are basically water soluble dyes which after exhaustion on the fabric, is treated with an alkali, because of this the dye molecule reacts with the fibre molecule forming a very stable covalent bond.



  (Firbe Reactive Dyed Knit Garments)


Fastness of Fibre Reactive Dyes.


Fibre reactive dyes have excellent washing fastness because of dye fibre bond. Crocking, Perspiration fastness are also very good.


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