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ABS LABORATORIES is involved in manfuacturing of DYESUL® powder Sulphur Dyes/Sulfur Dyes. Our colour bank consist of more than 170+ Shades in Sulphur Dyes/Sulfur Dyes to cater the needs of Garment processors and Fabric Processors.


Inspite of our large number of Shades we always have all the shades in ready stock to cater instant delivery in competitive market conditions.



ABS LABORATORIES is also into low bulk (25Kg-50Kg) and high bulk cusotm manufacturing of dyes. If a customer has its own requirement of a particular shade, than it would be manufactured for them in the least possible time and at the most competitive price.


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»What are Sulphur Dyes/Sulfur Dyes?

      Sulphur Dyes/Sulfur Dyes are synthetic organic dyes which are inherently water insoluble. It is made water soluble by the help of a Reudcing agent and after that it is exhausted on the textile substrate. After exhaustion on susbtrate the dye is oxidised and again converted to water insoluble parent form.     


(Sulphur Dyed Stone washed Garment)


» Fastness Properties of Sulphur Dyes/Sulfur Dyes?

      Sulphur dyes have good over all fastness rating. The only fastness it suffers is of Chlorine bleach.

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